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Academic Coaching

A tutor works with you on specific course content. Coaches work with you on strategies for learning the content and on developing long-term academic skills.

ANY currently enrolled University of Arkansas student! We assist students at every class level from freshmen to doctoral students.

You tell the coach what you want to work on or what your challenges are in a particular class, and the coach will help you develop a plan for addressing your needs.

You determine the frequency of your coaching appointments. You may reserve up to two appointments per week. While appointments are automatically scheduled for 50 minutes, appointments may run shorter depending on your unique needs and goals.

Please CANCEL the appointment through Razortrack.uark.edu. If you “NO-SHOW” 3 times in a semester, your ability to reserve appointments will be suspended for the term. You may, however, seek coaching services as walk-in availability allows.

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Supplemental Instruction

SI provides an opportunity to gather with a small group of your classmates and an SI leader so you can ask and answer questions, practice with course content, and hear advice from the SI leader who has excelled in the course previously.

Research indicates when students attend 10+ sessions in a semester, they earn higher grades in the course than their classmates who do not. SI gives you an opportunity to listen to a student who has earned an A in the course. So listen in and benefit from the SI leader’s experience.

Your tuition has already covered the cost of SI.

SI is offered for select courses. Your faculty member will provide information about SI, or you can visit our SI page to see the list of supported courses.

Once SI registration opens during the first week of classes, you can sign up through the Razortrack.uark.edu website.

If you need to switch your SI session, log into Razortrack.uark.edu. If you changed sections of the class, you will need additional assistance. Contact us for more help.

Yes – if you need assistance, contact us.

Razortrack.uark.edu is an online scheduling system that allows students to register for SI, switch from one session to another, and view their SI scores or attendance.

You can view the details of your SI session by logging into Razortrack.uark.edu.

Log into Razortrack.uark.edu and you can view your scores and attendance.

In order to lead SI, a student must have earned an A in the course and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5. Submit your application, or visit our Employment Page to learn more about the SI leader position.

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There are two reasons why you may not be able to find a tutor for your class:

  1. All of the appointments for your class are full. When an appointment is filled, it does not show up when you search for that class.
  2. We currently do not have a tutor available to help with that class. If we do not have a tutor for your class, the “Choose your subject” drop-down in Razortrack will not show that class. If that is the case, please click on “Request a Tutor,” and we will try to find a tutor who can help you with your specific class.

The schedule is posted by Friday for the following week (Monday through Sunday). Because the schedule can fill-up by Monday or Tuesday, it is to your advantage to make an appointment as early as possible in order to find a tutor for the class with which you need help.

There are a limited number of recurring appointments available. If you are interested in a recurring appointment, you must contact Dr. Lee or Mrs. White by phone or e-mail.

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Writing Support

The first time you click "make appointment" on the writing support home page.

Click "make appointment" on the writing support home page.

Log in to Razortrack, click your appointment, and select "cancel."

One per day and two per week.

Any course paper, application document, or essay. We do not work on graduate candidacy exams or work you are required to complete alone.

We will help with a paper up to three times as long as you revise between appointments.

Undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at University of Arkansas Fayetteville.

Ground floor of the library, near the oval printing station.

Tutors can cover about 5 pages in an hour. Long documents require multiple visits.

Log in to Razortrack, click the link under your appointment.

The group leader makes appointment and notifies members of time and location.

Yes, tutors will help you understand assignment, brainstorm, plan, and outline.

After ten minutes, your time may be given to another student.

We mark and count no-shows. Chronic absences (3) will result in a mandatory meeting.

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