High Impact Experiences

Don’t just spend time at the University of Arkansas – make every day count. High Impact Learning experiences are designed to help you discover your full potential as a student, a scholar, and a professional. Read on to learn more about the experiences waiting for you at the U of A.



I like that I can come to class and interact with my instructor and classmates to learn more about the university. There was so much more I was able to learn about the U of A through [University Perspectives], and I encourage future freshman to take it seriously and go into it with an open mind!

Ali (Freshman)

At the University of Arkansas, freshman students enroll in the one-hour University Perspectives (UP) course. UP teachers work to enhance students’ success and support their transition to the university and university-level work. In this class, you’ll learn strategies for critical thinking, civic engagement, and time management. Your UP teacher will also provide an in-depth introduction to academic integrity.

Freshman Course Requirements

University Housing offers innovative Living Learning Communities (LLCs), designed to help you connect with other students and get involved in campus life. LLCs are structured to fit your needs and interests. As a member of an LLC, you will have the opportunity to quickly meet others and find your place at the U of A – all while working with faculty and staff dedicated to your academic success.

Living Learning Communities

No matter your major, you will find common ground with students across the University of Arkansas when you participate in core courses. The U of A has adopted a “State Minimum Core” of 35 credit-hours of general education courses that introduce you to key concepts in the liberal arts. From this incredible academic foundation, you will be able to build a framework of critical thinking that lets you make connections across disciplines, both in and out of the classroom.

The State Minimum Core complies with Arkansas Act 98 of 1989 and subsequent action of the Arkansas State Board of Higher Education.

State Minimum Core



Working with the Volunteer Action Center has truly played an important role in my college career. From the support of the people to the life changing experiences, I have been able to grow and develop personally and professionally.

Sadie (Senior)

Some of the most meaningful experiences you will have during your time at the University of Arkansas will happen outside of the classroom. The Center for Community Engagement and Volunteer Action Center help connect students like you with opportunities to lend a hand in the community, help others, and apply what you are learning to real-world challenges.

Many courses you will take emphasize problem solving and collaboration. Working with others helps to sharpen your thinking by challenging you to consider many perspectives on a single issue. Be sure to take classes from a variety of professors in order to develop a broader range of learning techniques, and to hear from more perspectives.

During your time at the University of Arkansas, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in classes, programs, and study abroad experiences that explore a range of cultures, life experiences, and worldviews. Engaging in such activities will help you discover ways to connect with others around the globe and become a part of an even larger community. Explore the study abroad opportunities that are designed to give you an international perspective on your academic and professional goals.

At the University of Arkansas, students are strongly encouraged to take classes and participate in programs that help them explore cultures, life experiences, and worldviews different from their own. These classes and programs will help broaden students’ worldview and study abroad to become a part of the larger community of people across the globe. Several trips are offered to allow students to do just that.



My internship at Crystal Bridges has given me the unique opportunity to think creatively and actively contribute to a ground-breaking museum. My experience has made me realize the type of work environment and positions I would be interested in pursuing after college.

Alexis, Senior

According to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, the University of Arkansas is a top-ranked research university, as measured by our number of doctoral degrees, research expenditures and scholarly productivity. And, best of all, at the U of A you don’t have to wait until graduate school to get involved in cutting-edge research.

You have great ideas, and at the University of Arkansas, you’ll learn the best ways to communicate those ideas. Every student at the U of A participates in writing-intensive courses that will teach strategies for producing various forms of writing for different audiences across disciplines. These courses emphasize writing at all levels of instruction and across the curriculum, including final-year projects.

The effectiveness of this repeated practice “across the curriculum” has led to parallel efforts in such areas as quantitative reasoning, oral communication, information literacy, and, on some campuses, ethical inquiry. Below are the requirements from our colleges:

As a student at the U of A, you will have the chance to take what you learn on campus and practice it in real-world situations. Co-op and internship experiences let you build professional experience at the same time you earn academic credit. More than giving you a grade, these experiences help you expand your skillset, build your professional network (and resume), and focus your long-term goals.

See how an internship or co-op experience could work for you.

Often called “Senior Capstones,” these projects are completed by students typically in their senior year to showcase all they have learned throughout their time in college. The honors senior thesis is specific to each student’s field of study, and each college has its own set of deadlines and specific guidelines.

Learn more about the honors thesis.

You can also learn more about High Impact Learning by visiting the Association of American Colleges & Universities online.