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Monday – Friday,
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Make and cancel appointments, check your tutor’s location and upload papers for online tutoring and eTutoring on our scheduler.


Face-to-Face Tutoring

Face-to-face appointments allow for 30 or 60 minutes of one-on-one time with a CLASS+ Writing Support tutor. You may come at any stage of the writing process. Your tutor will ask questions about your assignment, your writing process, and your challenges. Steps are as follows.

  1. Make a 30- or 60-minute appointment.
  2. Bring printed copies of your paper and assignment.
  3. Bring other documents: sources, notes, questions.

During a face-to-face session, you can work on any issue:

  • understanding the assignment
  • brainstorming and outlining
  • anticipating audience
  • thesis statement
  • evidence and support
  • organization
  • topic sentences
  • paragraph coherence and development
  • summary and paraphrase
  • integrating quotations
  • citing sources and avoiding plagiarism
  • grammar, punctuation, and mechanics


The eTutoring appointment is useful for feedback on organization, development, clarity, paragraph issues, and persuasion. Your Writing Support eTutor reads the uploaded paper, provides comments, and returns the paper by email. CLASS+ eTutors can cover approximately five pages in one hour.

You do not meet the eTutor online. Steps are as follows.

  1. Make a 60-minute eTutoring appointment.
  2. Upload your paper and assignment sheet (click the yellow folder icon at the top-left).
  3. At the appointment time, your tutor types feedback on your uploaded paper.
  4. Tutor returns paper to your university email account.

If you need help with grammar or citing sources, do not schedule eTutoring. Make a face-to-face or online tutoring appointment.

(FAQ and troubleshooting links are available on scheduler.)